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Ronnie Actually KONSNT

We're kicking off a new series today on the blog! Meet Ronnie, an Instagram Influencer and Doctor who believes in the importance of spreading awareness around consent culture. We sat down with Ronnie to ask her a few questions about why consent culture matters to her.

Why does raising awareness for consent matter to you?

Growing up in a house of 3 girls, my dad was very careful about teaching my sisters and me not to be taken advantage of by having us learn martial arts in grade school. We were growing up in an age where “boys were just being boys” when blurry lines were crossed.
I want to raise awareness for consent so that today’s kids can grow up in a time where there’s open communication and that’s the norm.

Ronnie Grail and Roberta Lindal - KONSNT

Were you taught about consent in sex ed class in school?

When I think about sex education classes in school, I can’t remember being specifically taught that consent is an important part of the process. I definitely think this is something that needs to be emphasized more and that it’s ok to voice you’re not comfortable with something.
Ronnie Actually KONSNT

Do you think consent is black and white?

For the most part, I do believe consent is black and white- someone either does or doesn’t want to do something. However, when other substances such as alcohol, are involved, it makes consent a difficult subject to interpret.

I think with this #metoo movement, we all have a lot to figure out and learn about what is appropriate, and when to draw the line.

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