About Us


Consent, Sexual Consent, Me Too, Times Up

KONSNT was founded by Roberta, a 25 year old who has experienced various degrees of sexual harassment in January of 2018 in Toronto, Canada. We believe in spreading awareness and educating on the topic of sexual consent for men and women. We believe that women should be able to work, play and live without fear of sexual assault and harassment.

And if you are here too, you probably share these values.

We hope that with your help, we can create a culture of consent, where we do not turn a blind eye in the face of abuse, and where rape and sexual aggression are not trivialized.



If you have been the victim of rape, sexual violence, or childhood sexual abuse, there are a number of resources we encourage you to check out. The Survivors Trust has a full list of regional helplines for times of crisis.
For people seeking to ensure they understand consent, and how to seek it, we recommend this guide to dating and sexual consent.